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Project Alpha

Project alpha, the Launchpad project of The TriHealthon focused on one of the goals of the organization which is “END CHILD MALNUTRITION”. The project was carried out to create awareness of malnutrition among the populace.

According to World Health Organization, Nigeria has the second highest burden of stunted children in the world, with a national prevalence rate of 32% of children under five also an estimated 2 million children in Nigeria suffer from severe acute malnutrition.

The project was carried out on 5th February, 2019 at the ante-natal clinic of Adeoyo State Hospital, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

The core team members at the Adeoyo State hospital

Members of The TriHealthon who were present includes;

§     Miss AJARI, Esther

§     Mr IBIKUNLE, Oreoluwa

§     Miss OLUYOLE, Anjolaoluwa

§     Mr ANIMASHAUN, Daniel

§     Mr OLUGBILE, Dolapo

§     Mr OJO, Oluwadamilare

§     Mr BAMIGBOYE, Moses

§     Mr TEJIRI, Great

§     Mr KAZEEM, Oluwatobiloba

The plans of actions were that

§     Individuals were assigned different topics to prepare on and present anti-natal clinic.

§     Questions would be asked at the end of all the topic presentations.

§  Gift would be given to the anyone with highest number of correctly answered questions so as to ensure maximal participation.

§     Give a printed copy of locally available food combination for supplementary feeding  to mother. Check out the soft copy of this document at

Presentation of gifts to the best participants during the quiz session

The topics discussed include;

§     Breastfeeding techniques

§     How to monitor nutritional status of children

§     Various diseases of malnutrition

§     Malnutrition in pregnancy

§     Cheap local food combination for adequate nutrient

The outreach took place at Adeoyo state hospital on 5th February, 2019 at the antenatal clinic. It started some minutes past 8am and lasted about an hour. 150 pregnant women were present for the outreach and the aforementioned topics were discussed. Questions were asked for clarity and appropriate answers were given. There was a quiz at the end of the discussion and gifts were given to three participants with the highest scores. 

Damilare in an intense educative session with the women
The question and answer session

The challenges faced were;

§     Language barrier: most members of the association had difficulty in communicating in the local dialect, hence, the need for an interpreter during the presentation.

§     Transportation: members had to take public transport to the venue. This resulted in variable time of arrival. Though, the take-off point (University College Hospital, Ibadan) is close to the venue of the outreach, a chartered bus would have reduced the mental and physical stress that members of the association went through in trying to get to the venue.

A participant translating our sessions from English to Yoruba


§     Early and proper fund raising plans for future projects

§     A chartered bus should be used for conveying members/ volunteers for upcoming projects


Project alpha was a success because everyone contributed to it. I would like to appreciate everyone for the part they played. Making impact in our immediate environment is important and would not cost so much. A lot of people can be brought out of the well of ignorance by our wealth of knowledge in the health profession. The more we give ourselves to making impact, the change we expect or look forward to gradually appears.

Check out more pictures of the Project Alpha at

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