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THE KaGDaC Project


From a study conducted by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) network, 2 in every 3 African girls do not use sanitary pads for their menstrual flow management because they cannot afford it. They use unhygienic alternatives like newspaper, plantain leaves, cotton wool etc. This is a popular health issue whose solution has eluded us because interventions being carried out are not sustainable. After the pads distributed during the interventions are exhausted, the girls lapse back into their unhygienic habits. I am very passionate about solving this problem because I used to be one of the 2 girls in the 2:3 ratio.

I finally found the solution to this problem during my volunteering days at Huyslink, an NGO in Uganda. Huyslink makes biodegradable sanitary pads which can be reused for up to 12 months. I was opportune to learn how to make these reusable pads. Through the KaDGaC project, I will teach African girls (aged 8-19 years) how to make these pads for themselves with local materials. I can indirectly reach out to most African girls by organizing workshops for their teachers. By providing this skill to their teachers, these girls will have an unlimited access to the pad making skill at their various schools. This proposal describes the phase I of the KaDGaC project scheduled to hold from September, 2019 to September, 2020 in the Ibadan community of Oyo State, Nigeria.

The content of this project proposal includes;

  • Our Modified UNESCO Social Impact Initiative Pitch Worksheet (page 1-3)
  • Our Pitch (page 4-5)
  • The KaDGaC Project Timeline (page 6-8)
  • The KaDGaC Project Budget (page 9-10)

Read the complete project proposal at

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